L'Angolo Trattoria Italiana is an ode to Italian food, the greatest cuisine in the world

The inspiration for Northern New Jersey's daring new restaurant L'Angolo Trattoria Italiana was Chef and Owner Carlo Pietroniro's desire to serve homemade Italian cuisine made from fresh, high quality ingredients in an elegant setting.

Chef Pietroniro knows a thing or two about running a beloved trattoria: he was the Chef and Owner at Hoboken's iconic La Scala, named by Zagat as one of the three best restaurants in New Jersey. With L'Angolo Trattoria Italiana, Carlo and Manager-Owner Joe-Carlo Vallecillos have exceeded the culinary standard set by La Scala.

Acclaim for Chef Pietroniro's previous restaurant La Scala

Hudson Current
"May I tell you about the most enchanting restaurant/cabaret experience I had the other night? It took place at a cozy little restaurant called La Scala...a very romantic little bistro that is bursting with warmth and vitality...Even before dessert, an incredible display of sumptuous decadence, we felt transported by the culinary talent of Chef Pietroniro."

New Jersey Monthly - Three Stars
"But you don't have to go on a Sunday night to experience the drama of an ordinary evening at La Scala. While 'O Soave Franciulla' raises the hairs on the back of your neck, waiters prance forward from behind a velvet curtain with trays of food, San Pellegrino pours, couples kiss, and candles flicker on walls adorned with librettos and antique mirrors."

Dining in Jersey - Three Stars
"And while the restaurant is modest in looks and size, the fare is very ambitious, with the kitchen coming up with some delightful surprises, some not normally found in New Jersey Italian restaurants that feature Italian-American dishes."